Eligibility and Referral

Eligibility for Counselling

Our service is available to people in the Hastings and Rother areas who are 16 years of age and over and who are either on benefits or a low income. As a charity, we are reliant upon client contributions and this will be discussed and agreed at your assessment.

If you are not on benefits or living within a low income, we would ask you to make a contribution that reflects this. We can also offer a small number of sessions at a full fee of £35 per session to those able to afford it, which in turn helps to top-up our welfare fund for others to access.

How to access the service

  1. Speak to your GP, who will be able to refer you to the service if they feel it is appropriate for you.
  2. We also accept referrals by other local support agencies.
  3. Anyone aged 16 years + in Hastings and Rother can refer themselves if they are on benefits or low incomes.
  4.  People who can afford private counselling can be given a list of local counsellors.
  5.  Clients who have been raped or sexually assaulted can be referred by the police or SARC (The Sexual Assault Referral Centre) and have a limited number of sessions paid for by SARC.



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