Attachment Theory – October 2017

Aims of Day

Attachment theory has emerged as a leading therapeutic tool for understanding the deeper roots of the dynamics in a close relationship. Originally developed to explain attachments of children to their caregivers, this theory helps to explain how adults come to depend on one another.

So what disrupts attachment patterns in individuals, and how within the therapy room can reparative work take place?

The aim of the workshop will be to explore the transitional stages from the cradle to the grave, situational causes within everyday life, and how the trauma of disruption and separation can impact on the emotional and psychological well-being of the client.

This workshop is experiential, using case studies, personal experiences and group exploration.


Janet Beale holds a Post Graduate Certificate, Diploma and Masters of Science in Therapeutic Counselling, and has been working as an Integrative Therapist for over 17 years, both within her private practice, and within the East Kent Primary Care Trust IAPT service. She also delivers the level 2, 3 and 4 Diploma for the CPCAB, and works as an Internal Quality Assessor ensuring counsellors in training deliver a high level of ethical practice.
She began her career within Counselling Plus Community in 1999 as its first Service Manager and currently sits as the Chair of Trustees within the organisation.
Shauna McCusker has been working in Higher Education as a Senior Lecturer and Programme Manager for over thirteen years and holds an MSc in Forensic Science, MA in Lifelong Learning and Professional Practice, Master Practitioner in NLP Coaching and is working towards an Advanced Qualification in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy.
She is currently researching the use and impact of NLP and TA coaching methods on the educational trajectory of non- traditional students within Higher Educational Settings.

You will receive a certificate for 6 hours CPD

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Fees:  £40 for Counselling Plus Counsellors

£60 for all other attendees

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