Conscious to the Unconscious – Working with clients who feel ‘not good enough’


Rachel Burniston has a Masters Degree in Transactional Analysis Psychotherarpy, is a certified Transactional Analyst and qualified counsellor. She has worked in the voluntary sector for eight years and runs private practice in East Sussex.

Rachel has a particular interest in the unconscious process in the therapy room and the use of self reflection in supervision to understand this.

Aims of Day

Working with clients who have a deep sense of being ‘less than’, a failure, have messages like ‘If only I were…’ can be a challenging process. This workshop aims to identify the reasons why clients have this experience, from the wider society to childhood messages and the impact this has on both the client and the therapist. Drawing on concepts from transactional analysis and other fields I will be focusing on challenging the client’s conscious frame of reference using empathy and transparency and eventually working witht eh deep-seated unconscious sense of their selves.

You will receive a certificate for 6 hours CPD

Fees:  £40 for Counselling Plus Counsellors

£60 for all other attendees


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