Working Creatively with Children & Adolescents


Rebekah Sykes is a Playtherapist and Dance Movement Therapist who has been working with children and adolescents for a number of years in the voluntary sector. Rebekah manages a mental health peer support group service for children and adolescents in Hastings and previous to this she worked in East Sussex with children who had experienced domestic abuse, Rebekah has also worked with children who have been sexually abused at a project linked to CAMHS in Fife, Scotland. She has also managed an arts therapies service for adults with long term mental health issues in a community department of a theatre in Dundee, Scotland.

Workshop Aims –

Have you experienced:

  • Clients who have difficulty articulating their thoughts and feelings.
  • Clients who have issues stemming from early attachment relationships.
  • Clients who may say one thing and their non-verbal cues are saying another.
  • Clients who just enjoy doing creative things and want to try something different.

This experiential workshop aims to identify a number of creative methods that can be used when working with clients with these particular issues.

Participants will be able to try out some creative activities and will be given the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences, both individually and in groups. Participants will also be encouraged to reflect on their own experiences of creative play as children and to tap into their own ‘inner child’ as well as think about whether creative play has a place in an adult world.

Participants will be encouraged to think about their own clients and how creative interventions can be adapted to meet their specific needs.

By the end of the training day participants will have information and ideas about easy to make and find resources for a ‘creative toolkit’ that can be utilised during counselling sessions and during other types of therapeutic interventions.

The facilitator recognises that working with our ‘inner child’ may be a painful process for some and there will be a comfortable and safe reflective area provided for those who may wish to use it.

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