Working Therapeutically with Dissociation

Trainer Experience and Qualifications  

Claire describes herself as a Plurist Therapist; she is a qualified Traumatologist, EMDR Practitioner, and Registered Mental Health Nurse. She specializes in working with trauma and related mental health issues. She is a Debriefer and Clinical Supervisor and teaches on a Diploma in Relationship-based Supervision. She is keen to share her own findings following her research paper based on the Effective Therapeutic Interventions of Dissociation

Course Summary

Dissociation, a very clever survival strategy in childhood but may not serve as well in adulthood. As one of the trauma symptoms, it is often experienced by adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and is likely to be witnessed in the therapy room. Claire will describe the Dissociative Continuum and the various manifestations. She will explore some of the common signs and symptoms and consider assessment and various effective interventions and share vignettes of her own case work.

Participants will be able to:

Understand the meaning of dissociation

Recognise the various manifestations and behaviours of dissociation (DSM-5)                 –     Explore the effects of these in the therapy room

Consider and practise a variety of interventions

Explore their own responses to dissociation

 Course Content:  

What is Dissociation?



Effective interventions

Benefits and disadvantages

Case Studies

You will receive a certificate for 6 hours CPD

Fees:  £40 for Counselling Plus Counsellors

£60 for all other attendees

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