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Why Counselling Plus?

We believe that Counselling Plus is a worthwhile organisation for your support for four major reasons:

  1. The work we do is worthwhile – it reduces crime, mental distress and the cycle of violence and deprivation.
  2. It reduces the burden on the taxpayer – about two thirds of the people we see are unemployed or on sick leave.
  3. We are a very efficient charity – our costs are tiny compared to the number of people we help.
  4. Your contribution – on a regular annual basis – can have a direct benefit in the local community.

Who Benefits?

Hastings and its surrounding district has a high degree of social deprivation. Consequently, we find high levels of most negative experiences: crime, suicide, depression, childhood abuse. Deprivation, poverty and family breakdown are major determinants of mental well being, so the need for mental health services is significant.

Filling the Vacuum

Clearly, the National Health Service has responsibility for tackling these issues. However, the shortfall in the service provided is considerable. In 2017, 40% of referrals came from NHS professionals including Psychiatrists, Mental Health Practitioners, GPs, and the Crisis Resolution Team (patients who have attempted suicide). For whatever reason, the need is certainly not being met by the NHS.

Does Counselling Work?

Counselling does work. There are two sources of evidence for this.  One is the government-backed National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) which recommends counselling (sometimes in conjunction with medication) for a variety of mental health issues.

The second is feedback from those who come to us. Each user is invited to complete an anonymous questionnaire after their last session. The figures for last year indicate that 80% rate the counselling very highly.

Typical comments include:

‘…saved me from a life of pain’
‘…I could not have gone on without this service…’
‘…I think I may have died without it…’
‘Great team, great service…’
‘…a brilliant service’
‘I thank you all for changing my life’.

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