1. How can counselling help me?

A. A trained counsellor can help you to talk through any problems or difficulties you are having and support you to explore your thoughts and feelings about what you are experiencing. Counsellors will help you to think through strategies for coping and support you while you are making changes in your life.

2. How much does counselling cost?

A. Whilst recognising that private counselling costs in the region of £45 locally, Counselling Plus is a registered charity using volunteer counsellors, to support those who are unable to access private counselling. As a charity, we are reliant upon client contributions and your ability to make a contribution towards your weekly sessions will be discussed during your initial assessment.

3. How long is a session?

A. The initial assessment session (free) usually lasts around 40 minutes. Counselling sessions are 50 minutes.

4. Do you have evening appointments?

A. Yes, we are open until 7 pm Monday through to Thursday. Please be aware that, due to demand, 6pm counselling slots have a longer waiting time.

5. Do you have disabled access?

A. There is disabled access at the Bexhill, Northiam & Rye sites. There are 5 steps up to the front door at 48 Cambridge Gardens (with hand rails each side). Please let us know if wheelchair access is needed – this can be arranged at another location in central Hastings.

6. How many sessions can I have?

A. You will be offered 6 sessions initially, with a review of counselling around your 4/5th session. Counselling may be extended for further sessions at the discretion of the counselling service.

7. Can I bring a child with me?

A. While we understand that childcare can be an issue for many clients, we do not allow children to attend your assessment or counselling sessions. Talking about yourself and your private life in counselling can be distressing and it would not be appropriate for a  child to be present to witness your distress.  Additionally, it is important that you allow yourself the space to address your issues.

Children cannot be left alone in the waiting room for their own safety.

8. Will anyone see my information?

A. Any information about you will be kept strictly confidential within the service. We only release notes with the consent of the client or if ordered to do so by the courts.

Confidentiality Policy

9. Will the counsellor tell me what to do?

A. No answers or direct advice will be given since the aim of counselling is to help you develop your own insights into your problems.

We do however make information about other services and agencies available to you in our waiting room.

10. How do I refer someone for counselling?

A. Clients can self refer by phoning us on 01424 428300. Alternatively you can refer someone to us and we can contact them with information about the service. Please remember our services are for people on a low income or benefits. See more information under eligibility and referrals.

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