Counselling for those affected by Sexual Abuse / Domestic Abuse / Childhood Sexual Abuse

Our specialist Counsellors offer experienced support to clients who have experienced abuse and trauma.

Clients may be referred by a range of statutory and voluntary agencies or are may self-refer.  After a thorough and empathic assessment, those for whom counselling is appropriate, will be offered counselling which will explore and confront the issues they face.  Our counselling is client-centred and moves at a pace in which the clients feel comfortable and safe.

Our Counsellors help clients to gain insight into the past and how it is affecting the present time, thus enabling clients to make carefully considered choices in their lives and for their future.  Our professional and highly competent counsellors work to help clients feel safe and to progress and achieve the common goal of wellbeing, increased resilience and hope for the future.

Funded by Police and Crime Commissioner

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner

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