Counselling Plus is a small charity which offers counselling to people who are mainly on benefits or a low income. We counsel on a wide range of issues but can refer on if the primary presenting issue is drugs, alcohol abuse or bereavement.

The counselling is delivered through volunteer counsellors and we have an increasing demand for our services.

We are one of the most sought-after placements in the area for counsellors to gain experience. This offers a wide range of clients and helps gain experience for your course or accreditation.

Applicants must have completed or be in the final year of a 2 or 3 year counselling course, at Diploma level or above, preferably on a BACP Accredited course. The course MUST satisfy BACP/UKCP accreditation requirements (that is a minimum of 2 yrs p/time).
(Note: In the case of a Chrysalis course, the 1st year training in hypnosis cannot be counted.)

We accept candidates with at least 20 hours of supervised counselling practice with another agency and who have had at least 20 hours of personal therapy.

Selection Procedure

  • The selection procedure is based entirely on merit.
  • We have an Equal Opportunities policy which commits us actively to oppose discrimination.
  • Candidates complete and return an application form.
  • Two interviewers conduct the interview using prepared guidelines.
  • The candidate is informed by letter of the outcome.

Probationary Period

All counsellors are taken on as probationers for the first twelve months or until completion of their studies, including case studies, whichever takes longer. During this period, the service will monitor the counsellor’s progress.  An appraisal will be conducted with the Service Manager after approximately 9 months. In preparation for the appraisal, counsellors are required to tape one client session with a view to taking a 10-minute segment to supervision. Further appraisals will be conducted as necessary if it is deemed appropriate for the probationary period to be extended.

Required Counselling Hours

Probationers normally start with one client then, with the agreement of their supervisor, increase to a minimum of 3 clients per week. After 6 months this can be increased with the agreement of your supervisor and the Service Manager.  We expect counsellors to continue to offer voluntary counselling to our clients for at least 12 months after qualification. Counsellors are normally expected to work for a minimum of 46 weeks a year and not to take off more than three weeks holiday at any one time as this impacts on clients.
For safety reasons, counselling in Hastings is always arranged when either the Co-ordinator or another counsellor is in the building.


Supervision is offered in groups and probationary counsellors are expected to attend a supervision session before seeing any clients. All counsellors are required to attend the 2 hour fortnightly supervision group to keep the standard of service high and to support them. Supervision costs are borne by the Service.

What You Get From Volunteering With Us!

While volunteering for us you are gaining vital practical experience with a range of clients and gaining extra hours experience for your future employment and records. Our charity is one of the most sort-after places in the area for counsellors to gain experience. We also offer an interesting programme for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This is open to any trainees or members of the helping professions but as a Counselling Plus counsellor, you will be entitled to an subsidised place on our workshops. Click here to view the upcoming training events.

How to Apply

If you would like to apply for a training placement with us download an application form and send it to: Counselling Plus, 48 Cambridge Gardens, Hastings, TN34 1EN or email to [email protected]

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