One to One Counselling

one to one counsellingOne to one counselling involves you getting to know yourself better. A relationship of trust and respect can be created as you and the counsellor work together.

This means that both of you contribute as equal members of a team.

You are an expert on yourself and know better than anyone how your mind works. Your counsellor will bring experience, training and a non-judging ear, helping you to work through your problems and get to know yourself better.

Working together as a team involves commitment, it will be important that you both commit to regular appointments, for at least six sessions.

Here are some comments from clients regarding their counselling experience:

‘……more in control of life and happier as a result’

‘Her friendliness and smile helped me to unfold and smile again.’

‘Counselling offered me a personal reassurance which gave me a sense of self confidence week on week.’


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