Mission Statement

Counselling Plus Community offers people from Hastings & Rother, access to effective counselling support in dealing with issues of an emotional and psychological nature which affect their ability to lead a satisfactory life. The Service adopts a Humanistic, Integrative approach and delivers counselling as well as other services, e.g. Anger Management Groups.
We seek to:
 Provide counselling mainly to people on low incomes or benefits over the age of sixteen, except where the presenting issues are mainly bereavement and addiction.
 Provide support that is effectively targeted and delivered as quickly as possible.
 Ensure prompt referral when problems arise which affect the safety of the person or others.
 Maintain appropriate awareness of anti-discriminatory practice in order to ensure that our services are equally accessible to all people irrespective of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or disability.
 Abide by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Code of Ethics and commonly agreed Best Practice Standards, taking particular care to deal ethically with any complaints or conflicts of interest that arise and to maintain appropriate confidentiality within the organisation.
 Monitor the effectiveness and appropriateness of the work undertaken by counsellors through clinical supervision, appraisals and client feedback.
 Maintain professional development and awareness of issues by offering training at a high level to all those working within the Service.
 Develop working relationships with other agencies to promote a greater understanding of the Service.
 Collect and make available data that allows the effectiveness of the Service to be monitored.
 Ensure the continuation of the Service by actively seeking funding and income in line with the organisation’s Business Plan.
 Adhere to the policies as set down by the Constitution and our policies and procedures.
 Be a responsible employer taking care of our trustees, staff and volunteers.
 Be aware of the need to work within a context which promotes healthy living and a concern for preserving the environment.

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